Temporary Closure Of Public Right Of Way


The Parish Council would like to update residents about developments at the Miller Homes development for 276 dwellings.   Works have now started on the site with the felling of

trees adjacent to Leeds Road so that the access road to the site can be made.

Once works commence like this the site is closed to the public for safety reasons as it has become a building site with heavy machinery and delivering of materials.  A temporary

closure of the Public Rights of Way has been made for an initial 6 months unless the developer needs an extension of time to complete their works.

This is a normal procedure and the notices state that the site and footpath is closed to the public.

Once the site is built to a certain level and the Public Right of Way made good and protected by fencing etc, then it will be reopened to the public.

Rest assured that the footpath closure is a temporary measure and in accordance with normal practices.

The Parish Council will continue to monitor progress and get back to you when we are informed of any further developments.

Housing Development Planning


2016/0197/REM (8/34/146L/PA) RM Application for 276 Dwellings by Miller Homes- GRANTED

The Parish Council would like members of the public to know that the Reserved Matters application relating to the approval of appearance, landscaping, layout and scale in relation to the development of 276 homes on land near railway crossing at Leeds Road, Thorpe Willoughby has been GRANTED. The Parish Council can confirm that the Parish Council has secured amendments to the fencing along the western boundary of the application site so as to protect the Linden Way Play area for safety reasons.

To view the planning application files electronically, please use Selby District Council’s ‘Public Access’ website: http://publicaccess.selby.gov.uk/publicaccess/


Dear Resident,

You may be aware that a letter and consultation pack is to be circulated by the developer to some residents near to the above mentioned site, to see what types of house design and layout would be suitable.

The Consultation is being conducted by: ‘PB Planning” on behalf of Miller Homes.

As promised, the Parish Council is keeping everyone informed about progress for this site:

  • In January 2015 this land was granted OUTLINE Planning Permission – so the principle of residential housing on this land has been established.
  • However, before anything can be built on this land a “RESERVED MATTERS” Planning Application has to be submitted to Selby District Council (SDC) to approve the layout and design of the dwellings – Miller Homes are looking to submit this application to SDC by the end of January 2016.
  • Prior to submitting the Reserved Matters application to SDC, a “Neighbour Consultation” exercise has to be carried out and this is what is happening now. This consultation is with the DEVELOPER and your suggestions may or may not be incorporated into the final plans that will be submitted to SDC.
  • Residents can make observations to the developer if they wish to, but please note that any comments made by you will only be to the developer and does not affect your rights to make a formal objection/comment to Selby District Council when the formal Planning Application is lodged with them.

Please be reassured that residents will be advised as soon as the Parish Council receives notice of a Planning Application.

Although the Consultation Exercise will be raised at the next Parish Council meeting on Monday 18 January 2016, no detailed discussion or decisions will be made at that meeting.

The Parish Council may arrange a separate special meeting to discuss the formal Planning Application, once received, which will be open to residents.

Notice of any future meeting(s) to discuss this matter will be advertised on:

the village notice boards, the Post Office window, the “Village Website” www.thorpewilloughby.info or in the “Monthly News” parish magazine.

Note that you can  download the consultation pack from the links below

Former Gateforth Park / Mushroom Farm

The Parish Council have been notified that a prospective developer for the above site is hoping to purchase it and apply for planning permission for Mobile Homes for retired/semi-retired people of an age 50+. Representatives attended the Parish Council meeting on Monday 18 April 2016 to explain matters, gauge opinion, and inform everyone. The Parish Council would like to reassure members of the public that If a formal application does appear in the future you will be notified.

Overhanging trees, hedges and shrubs

Can residents please check their boundaries adjoining with public footpaths and cut back where necessary any overhanging trees, hedges and shrubs that may cause problems to footpath users, particularly young children and pets. Thank you.

Private Pumping Stations

Locating private sewage pumping stations for transfer to Yorkshire Water

Government legislation means that from 1st October 2016 all eligible private sewage pumping stations in Yorkshire will automatically transfer to Yorkshire Water’s ownership and responsibility.

This is good news for customers since it’ll mean that they are no longer responsible for future maintenance and repair costs associated with the stations. The pumping stations included in the transfer will be owned by Yorkshire Water and will be looked after by Their experienced team of operators.

We predict that there are more than 700 private pumping stations in our region and we don’t know the location of all of them.

We’re starting a customer campaign this winter asking people to report their pumping stations to Yorkshire Water as soon as possible by calling 0345 124 24 24.

Accompanying Documents