Selby Area Footway Treatment Programme

The Selby area footway treatment programme will soon start in Thorpe Willoughby and dates for each area in Thorpe Willoughby can be found in the published programme here: Slurry Seal Programme 2019

Unfortunately as the process is weather dependent the dates are subject to change.

The contractors will deliver leaflets to properties directly affected and be on site to treat weeds ahead of the treatment being carried out.

If you would like any further assistance in this matter please do not hesitate to contact Sharon Fox – Highways Customer Communications Officer for Craven & Selby at North Yorkshire County Council

1 x Vacant positions of Parish Councillors

Fancy helping to shape the village and services – then you may be interested to know that there is now a vacant positions of Parish Councillor up for grabs! – The deadline for applications to the Clerk is Friday 11 October 2019 so don’t think about it for too long!

To be eligible the candidate must:

  • be 18 years old or over; and
  • is an elector for the parish; or
  • has resided in the parish for the past twelve months or rented/tenanted land in the parish; or
  • has lived within three miles of the parish

Please use the following link to see full details:-  Notice to Residents for a Co-Option Vacancy for PCllr

Recycling Service Public Consultation

As you may be aware Selby District Council have launched a consultation over potential significant changes to dry recycling collections (cans, paper, glass, plastics, card etc) in the district.

The consultation will look at whether residents want to keep the current recycling box collections or move to wheelie bin collections; with either one bin for paper /cardboard and another for glass, tins and plastic together or a single bin for all materials.

A media release has been issued today and the consultation will be promoted via our website and social media pages.  We are informing all District Councillors as well as Parish and Town Councils and would encourage you to share the link so we can gather as much feedback as we can about what residents think about changing the recycling service and how it could change the way they recycle.  Paper copies will be available at the Customer Contact Centre or on request.

More information and the full consultation is available on line at the link below.  The consultation will run until 26 June.  Once the results of the consultation have been analysed they will feed in to a report to the Executive in September where they will make a decision on the future service.  Any changes will come into effect from April 2020.

Should you require any further information please let me know.


Keith Cadman

Head of Commissioning, Contracts & Procurement

District Council agrees below inflation Council Tax rise to keep down costs

Selby District Council has agreed a rise of just £3 over a whole year for the Council Tax on an average-sized home.

The District Council gets around 10% of the total Council Tax you pay.  This decision means that all district council services – including your waste and recycling collections, leisure centres, planning, housing support and environmental health services – will cost just £178.22 for the whole year.

The £3 increase is equivalent to around 6p per week for people living in a Band D home.    That’s a rise of just 1.7%, which is below the rate of inflation – that’s the measure of how much the price of things rises each year.  It’s important to remember that this relates just to the District Council’s part of the overall charge.  Others who are funded through Council Tax – including the County Council, police and fire service – have made separate decisions about increases to their part of the bill.

District Council Leader, Cllr Mark Crane, explained, “We’ve listened to what people have to say about Council Tax and I’m clear that I want to us to be fair to people living in our area by putting in place only a modest increase.

“This increase is less that the rate of inflation.  Although our part of the overall Council Tax bill is only about 10% of the total, it’s really important that we do what we can to keep costs down for people in our area.

“We’ve got a really good track record of doing more with each and every pound we receive.  This will continue, so we can carry on delivering good quality services and investing in our district to make our area a great place to live and to open up new jobs and opportunities for people living here.”