Did You Know

Protect What’s Yours

Give the Police a chance to return recovered stolen property to it’s rightful owner. Contact your Neighbourhood Policing Team on 101 to get your property marked with a unique code.

It Could Happen To You

Identity Theft/Fraud. Offenders, pretending to be delivering leaflets, have intercepted mail from external/insecure letter boxes to obtain householder’s personal details and apply for credit cards. When the card is delivered it is intercepted and used to commit Theft/Fraud. Be vigilant and report any suspicious activity.

Burglary Other Building

Heck Lane, Selby, August 15. Orange coloured ride on mower reg no: DX 09 HJK and IFA Williams trailer. Any info call 101; job no: 12180152250.

Criminal Damage

Burn Airfield on August 11. Unknown vehicle deliberately driven onto farm equipment and irrigation piping. Any info call 101; job no: 11082018 – 0166.

Burglary Dwelling

Hillam Road, Gateforth, August 8. iPads and pressure washer stolen. Any info call 101; job no: 12180146725.

Did You Know

Auto Crime

Privet Drive – nightime between 28-29 Sept; from insecure motor vehicles. Satnavs, monies & spectacles stolen.  CCTV detected 3 persons trying car doors.  Descriptions to follow from Police.  Please ensure your vehicles are secure and all valuables removed or hidden from view.  Any info contact NYP on 101 and quote 12180182068.


Overnight between 24-25 Sept; heating oil stolen from a tank. Residents still on solid fuel; replenishing stocks before the onset of winter consider installing a tank alarm as a deterrent.

Don’t Make It Easy For Them

The hours of darkness are gradually lengthening and criminal activity increases. Check how secure your property is; security systems, lighting (external & internal), door & window locks, property marking, neighbours.  If your property is left unoccupied because of holidays or regular absence, consider removing valuable items or items of sentimental value. Keep insurance up to date.


Residents carrying out works in areas not in their ownership, on land owned or maintained by the Parish Council, in such as litter picking or gardening assistance, must be authorised by the Parish Council and supervised at all times by a member of the Parish Council. This is an essential legal requirement in order to be covered by the Parish Council’s Public Liability insurance. Therefore no such works are authorised to take place without said permission, supervision and the Parish Council’s Public Liability Insurance cover. This is for the safety of everyone.

Appeal by Sherwoods against refusal of Planning application – Official Letter Of The Hearing


Confirmation from Selby District Council to confirm the Appeal HEARING date as Wednesday 21st February 2018 for your information.  Contact information/telephone numbers are included in the letter for anyone to approach.

Please use the link below to see the letter from Selby District Council:

2016 1345 OUTM – APPEAL Ref No APP-N2739-W-17-3181460- SDCLtr dated-1Feb18-DATE OF HEARING


The Parish Council has received formal notification from Selby District Council for an appeal (Ref: APP/N2739/W/17/3181460) by Sherwoods against refusal of Planning application for @100 dwellings on land South side of Field lane, Thorpe Willoughby.

Please use the link below to see the appeal letter:

Appeal Ref No APP-N2739-W-17-3181460- Ltr dated-23Nov17