News from Allerton Waste Recovery Park Q1 2019

Please find link below for the quarterly news update for parish councils and community media from Allerton Waste Recovery Park.

This quarter you can find out how to book a free visit to Allerton Waste Recovery Park (which deals with general household waste from across York and North Yorkshire) as well as plans for a new Stakeholder Panel.

Q1 Allerton Waste Recovery Park

Lights, Camera, Action.

Some councillors have been approached by residents who were worried about aspects of street lighting around the village.  The main areas of concern centred around:

  • The type of lighting in use.
  • Certain residential areas have more street lighting than others.
  • Street lights are not switched on throughout the night.

Thorpe Willoughby Parish Council would like to address the above issues as follows:

  • Type of lighting in use: North Yorkshire County Council (NYCC) has a power to provide and maintain road lighting under the Highways Act 1980.  NYCC executive members approved a plan to replace existing standard sodium street lighting with new LED technology because they were more environmentally friendly, reduced carbon emissions and were more cost effective both in power consumption and expenditure.
  • Residents who believe there is a need for new street lighting are encouraged to discuss it with their local Parish Council.  A plan or drawing of the proposed location plus the reason for its provision is beneficial.  Once the application reaches NYCC it would be treated on its own merits against the following criteria; (a) history of night-time traffic accidents or (b) incidents of night-time crime and fear of crime.
  • Certain residential areas have more street lighting than others:  Newly built-up areas, such as dwellings at “Willerby Heights” and Miller Homes developments benefit from additional street lighting when compared to the more established part of Thorpe Willoughby.  A ‘Private Management Company’ is responsible for the infrastructure of those developments and not NYCC.  Residents occupying these dwellings pay an additional levy to their ‘Private Management Company’ to cover the infrastructure as well as the precept payable to Selby District Council like all other residents of Thorpe Willoughby.
  • Street lights are not switched on throughout the night:  street lights of approximately 15% of the county’s roads have lights that remain illuminated throughout the night.  In order for a road to qualify for all night illumination it has to fulfil one or more of the following criteria; (a) it is a main traffic route or road junction, (b) location with a significant road traffic night-time accident record, (c) areas with a significant record of night-time crime or anti-social behaviour, (d) lights outside sheltered housing and other residences accommodating vulnerable people, (e) areas with 24 hour operational emergency services including hospitals, (f) potential hazards on the highway such as traffic calming, speed humps and road crossings, (g) parts of town centres that have concentrated night-time activity or economy, (h) areas covered by police or council CCTV operations.
  • The remainder are converted to part-night operation and automatically switch off between midnight and 0500hrs when road use is deemed to be at a minimum.
  • Between road junctions on long minor roads every 3rd light may also be left on.

While we appreciate being approached as a first point of contact, we wish to point out that such concerns should be addressed to North Yorkshire County Council (NYCC) who is the responsible Authority.  Their contact number is 01609 780780.  Their website can be accessed via

Bert Mifsud, Chairman TWPC

New Clerk Email Address!


There is now a NEW dedicated Parish Council email address:

The previous email address has had to be discontinued, so if you have used the old email address in the last 3 weeks, please resend to the new one.

Thank you for your patience.

Thorpe Willoughby Parish Council

Be vigilant.

Police are investigating 2 burglary dwellings in Thorpe Willoughby this week.  One in Field Avenue and the other in Londesborough Road.  There are similarities in both incidents.  Any information ring 101.

Police advice is to check home security measures; such as alarms, security lighting with PiR, door and window locks and upgrade were necessary.  Check your insurance policies.  If your property will be left unoccupied in your absence consider removing high value items such as jewellery etc to a safer place.  Ask neighbours to report anything suspicious.

Did You Know

Protect What’s Yours

Give the Police a chance to return recovered stolen property to it’s rightful owner. Contact your Neighbourhood Policing Team on 101 to get your property marked with a unique code.

It Could Happen To You

Identity Theft/Fraud. Offenders, pretending to be delivering leaflets, have intercepted mail from external/insecure letter boxes to obtain householder’s personal details and apply for credit cards. When the card is delivered it is intercepted and used to commit Theft/Fraud. Be vigilant and report any suspicious activity.

Burglary Other Building

Heck Lane, Selby, August 15. Orange coloured ride on mower reg no: DX 09 HJK and IFA Williams trailer. Any info call 101; job no: 12180152250.

Criminal Damage

Burn Airfield on August 11. Unknown vehicle deliberately driven onto farm equipment and irrigation piping. Any info call 101; job no: 11082018 – 0166.

Burglary Dwelling

Hillam Road, Gateforth, August 8. iPads and pressure washer stolen. Any info call 101; job no: 12180146725.