Passenger Transport North Yorkshire Notification

Passenger Transport North Yorkshire have just announced:-

Service 6 & 7 Selby Abbots Road – Selby Circular, the following journeys will no longer operate:

The 0841 from Thorpe Willoughby to Selby Monday to Friday and all Sunday journeys.

This will take effect from the  10th April 2017. This was previously warned as a ” Use it or Loose it ” service!

Transpennine Route Upgrade

For your information and safety, Network Rail have advised of preparation for upgrading the Transpennine railway, undertaking essential work between Thorpe Willoughby and South Millford. The work will involve removing vegetation from 6.5 metres either side of the tracks to allow safe clearance of the gantries and wires prior to the electrification of the railway line. As well as removal of trees which are within striking distance of the railway should they fall. Some fencing along the route will also be replaced.

Thorpe Willoughby Parish Council

Village Parking Restrictions

North Yorkshire County Council (NYCC) have just confirmed that their Traffic Regulation Order – Amendment No 11, was sealed on 14 October 2016 and will come into operation on 24 October 2016.  This means for Thorpe Willoughby that restrictions for: Prohibition of Waiting and Loading and Provision of Parking will be confirmed for the Londesborough Grove/Foxdale Avenue junction area.

The proposed restrictions on Fir Tree Lane, however, had objections against them, so NYCC have compiled a report to be decided upon at their December 2016 meeting, and will inform us of the outcome.


Closure Of Public Right Of Way


The Parish Council would like to update residents about developments at the Miller Homes development for 276 dwellings.   Works have now started on the site with the felling of

trees adjacent to Leeds Road so that the access road to the site can be made.

Once works commence like this the site is closed to the public for safety reasons as it has become a building site with heavy machinery and delivering of materials.  A temporary

closure of the Public Rights of Way has been made for an initial 6 months unless the developer needs an extension of time to complete their works.

This is a normal procedure and the notices state that the site and footpath is closed to the public.

Once the site is built to a certain level and the Public Right of Way made good and protected by fencing etc, then it will be reopened to the public.

Rest assured that the footpath closure is a temporary measure and in accordance with normal practices.

The Parish Council will continue to monitor progress and get back to you when we are informed of any further developments.