Respect for YOUR village

Dog waste, other litter, dangerously overgrown hedges onto footpaths, badly parked vehicles, (particularly on the bends along Willow Rise and Dane Avenue), anti-social behaviour, and vandalism – Please help keep the village clean and safe for everyone to enjoy.  Maintenance/repairs are paid for from the Precept.

Rubbish Bins – Please be aware that bagged dog waste can be disposed of in any type of rubbish bin around the village, it does not have to be a specific red dog bin.  If disposing of dog waste in a household waste bin, please use you own wherever possible.  The Parish Council is also to look into obtaining a further bin to tackle the masses of bagged dog waste and plastic bottles strewn around the unmarked crossing area on our side of the by-pass, if possible.

Miller Homes news

Miller Homes site – near Thorpe Willoughby Railway Crossing (Sherwoods)

Miller Homes want to let residents know that the works being carried out on Leeds Road is off-site enabling works for preparation of Gas, Water and Electricity.  This will be done in stages by separate suppliers.  Once this work is complete Miller Homes are looking at the end of April into May to bring supplies into site.  Should residents have any issues arising from this work they should contact the off-site contractors, not Miller Homes as they are only responsible once they are on-site.  All off-site work is the responsibility of the various utility suppliers, however if needed Miller Homes can assist in providing details.

Concerns over speeding traffic?

Speeding traffic through the village

The Parish Council can confirm that if you have concerns over speeding traffic then please use the “95 Alive” form to inform North Yorkshire County Council (NYCC) of your concerns.  This form can either be filled in online using the NYCC website or  you can download it from the link below:

SpeedConcernReport-BlankComplaint FormV6-95 Alive