Village Lifesaving Defibrillators

A reminder that we have 2 wall mounted defibrillators in the village:

One on the wall near to the main front entrance door at the Sports Association building on Field Lane, with the second one on the wall near to the main front entrance door of the Village Hall on Leeds Road.


Selby District Council is raising awareness of responsible gum disposal with a new campaign to encourage people to appreciate their local community.

The National Chewing Gum Action Group is aiming to prompt people to change their attitude to dropping gum.

They are working with local secondary schools who will be supporting the campaign by sharing its messages with banners and posters, as well as giving students free gum wrappers to dispose of their gum properly.  We’re also offering pubs branded beer mats and advertising the campaign with window stickers and posters in bus shelters, supermarkets and other local shops.

Please do your bit and #binityourway

Respect for YOUR village

Dog waste, other litter, dangerously overgrown hedges onto footpaths, badly parked vehicles, (particularly on the bends along Willow Rise and Dane Avenue), anti-social behaviour, and vandalism – Please help keep the village clean and safe for everyone to enjoy.  Maintenance/repairs are paid for from the Precept.

Rubbish Bins – Please be aware that bagged dog waste can be disposed of in any type of rubbish bin around the village, it does not have to be a specific red dog bin.  If disposing of dog waste in a household waste bin, please use you own wherever possible.  The Parish Council is also to look into obtaining a further bin to tackle the masses of bagged dog waste and plastic bottles strewn around the unmarked crossing area on our side of the by-pass, if possible.