Unfortunately it has to be reported that vandals/hooligans decided that they would pull out the support stakes and a variety of freshly planted trees in the woodland walk behind the enclosed children’s play area.  In the same area they also went on to try and wreck the recently created insect habitats by removing numerous logs.  This vandalism took place between the hours of 5-7pm on Monday, 13 March.  The Parish Clerk was informed of the incident that evening and the Police were also informed.  CCTV footage is now under investigation.  Thanks go to the people who reported this incident to the Clerk.

Thorpe Willoughby Parish Council is extremely focused on providing a good shared environment for everyone to enjoy.  Most of the work on the woodland walks and the new equipment on the village green have been secured via external funding initiatives and the National Lottery.  Vandalism is the expensive downside of any achievements, in that repairs/replacements cannot be obtained via particular funding but have to come from the parish precept which most of us in the village pay towards.