New recycling wheelie bins and existing boxes – Important!

As you may be aware, we have been advised by Selby DC that we are all to be issued with new recycling wheelie bins which are to replace the existing boxes.

This change will occur in April and whilst residents are encouraged to retain their existing boxes for their own use,  a section of the village hall car park will be made available for unwanted boxes to be collected by the District Council. This has be kindly offered and agreed by David Gaygan

The area for leaving boxes to be left will be clearly marked – please make sure you leave your unwanted boxes in this area and in a tidy and secure state as far as possible.


Inappropriate Speeding in the village

We have recently had a number of complaints of vehicles speeding whilst driving through the village.

At higher speeds, there is less time to identify and react to what is happening, it takes longer to stop and impacts are more severe, causing more serious injuries to vehicle occupants and others.

The Parish Council can confirm that if you have concerns over speeding traffic then please use the “95 Alive” form to inform North Yorkshire County Council (NYCC) of your concerns.  This form can either be filled in online using the NYCC website or  you can download it from the link below:

Link To website: –

Download Form Here: – SpeedConcernReport-BlankComplaint FormV6-95 Alive

Once you have completed your form you can either post it or email it at the addresses shown below…

Post to: North Yorkshire Police, Traffic Bureau, PO Box809 York YO31 6DG

or email to

You will receive an acknowledgement.

Top Ten Tips To Avoid Speeding

Many drivers unintentionally exceed the speed limit, often without realising it. Modern cars are so powerful and comfortable they give drivers little sensation of their speed. It is too easy to creep above the limit, and in particular, many drivers seem to believe it is difficult to drive a modern car at less than 30 mph. There are simple and practical things drivers who find it difficult to stay with speed limits can do to help themselves.

1. Check your speedometer regularly, especially when leaving high speed roads
2. Know the limits – look for signs, especially at junctions
3. Assume lamp posts mean 30 mph, until signs say otherwise, but remember many local roads now have 20 mph limits
4. Remember, speed limits are a maximum, not a target
5. 20’s plenty when kids are about – and may even be too fast
6. Try no higher than 3rd gear in a 30 mph limit
7. Recognise what makes you speed – keeping up with traffic, overtaking or being tailgated
8. Concentrate – distracted drivers speed
9. Slow down when entering villages
10. Give yourself time – there’s no need to speed and you won’t get there quicker

Selby District Disability Forum CIC

Dear Residents of Thorpe Willoughby,

Re: Challenging Thoughtlessness

We are your local ‘Disability Action Group’. We are made up of those living with disabilities, supporting people with disabilities and those who simply want to make our local community more accessible for everyone.

Some of the members of this group come from Thorpe Willoughby and are very keen to support the Parish Council, and the local community, to make the village more accessible for all.

Please click on the below link for full  details:

Open Letter to Village Residents Thorpe Willoughby


Selby District

Disability Forum CIC

Community House, Portholme Road,

Selby. YO8 4QQ

Phone: 07555598752


Registered Company Number: 10227315


Recycling Sorted – Important!

Recycling Sorted

Selby District Council (SDC) are changing the way it collects recycling materials from the kerbside. The boxes, used at present, are being replaced by Wheelie Bins. By the time you read this article you will have or shortly have delivered a Blue and Brown wheelie bin.  These are NOT to be used until the service starts.

The Blue Bin is for Cans, Plastic and Bottles and the Brown Bin is for Paper and Cardboard.

This is how the service will work:-

The service will start at the beginning of April 2020 and every household will have full details of the service and a new calendar delivered to them prior to the start.

Once the new service has started you will have a choice of either keeping the old boxes or take them to a collection point, for recycling, at the village hall, full details will be in the communication from SDC.

Details of the service can be found at:-

Chris Pearson, District and Parish Councillor

Calling All Brass Players!

We are looking to form a community brass band here in Thorpe Willoughby meeting in the Village Hall on Sunday afternoons.

*The band would be open to players aged 11 and over

*We would meet for an hour and half to play a wide variety of musical genres

*A fair ability to read music desirable, but we are able to accommodate a wide range of abilities.

*The band will be run by Edwin and Christine Davis who have experience of running a similar band in Kent.

*A small charge to cover hire of hall and music costs will be required and players will need to bring their own stand and instrument. If you used to play but no longer have your instrument, don’t let that deter you, we have a limited range of instruments which we can loan out to get you going!!

*If interested please contact

*Potential engagements may include the May VE day celebrations at Thorpe Willoughby.


The Great Yorkshire Veg Off

A new community fruit and vegetable growing competition has been launched in the district and parish and town councils are being invited to take part.

The Great Yorkshire Veg Off is a county-wide competition with categories for best village, best street, best school and best community group (including allotments).

Mike and Carole Bucktrout, former teachers from Hensall, have launched competition (backed by Selby District Council) which aims to encourage families and communities to grow fruit and vegetables in their gardens and green spaces – turning Yorkshire into a huge fruit and vegetable plot.

Mike explained: “This is a simple way that families and communities can produce fruit and vegetables to eat and cut their food bills. It has the added bonus of being fantastic for the environment.

“If every home in the Selby district alone planted two fruit trees, it would mean an extra 84,000 trees, which would be amazing!”

The competition is free to enter from now until September 30th, 2020. The winners will be announced at the end of October with each category receiving a commemorative plaque. There are no complicated entry forms – simply send in your photos, stories and information about your plot.

As well as inviting parish and town councils to take part, if you could share this information with your residents through your websites and newsletters it would be appreciated. We’ve included a poster that can be used on your noticeboards.

For more details and to register your interest visit:

Street Lights Not Working

You may have noticed that there are a number of street lights in the village that are not currently working. Some of the more observant residents will have also noticed that there is on going work along Fox Lane and some adjoining roads installing green piping. Yes, you guessed it, the workers installing the green pipe have damaged some cables that feed the street lights.

Northern Power, who look after the street lighting cables are aware of the issue and it has been logged with their repairs section. However, due to recent flooding and high levels of calls they are extremely busy at this time of year. We understand it could take up to to 25 days before the repair can be undertaken.

The Parish Council have passed on their concerns to North Yorkshire Council, so everything is being done to get this rectified as soon as possible. We would therefore ask you to be patient and not to contact the Parish Council on this matter.

Oh, and just in case you were wondering, like me, what the green pipe is for, I can tell you it is to provide a high speed fibre optic broadband connection to our village school which will benefit the children going forward.