In response to the current coronavirus, St Francis Church Thorpe Willoughby together with St Wilfrid’s Brayton church are setting up a telephone supportive system.

This is to coordinate support for the elderly and/or those who have health issues, to help alleviate isolation within our local community during the coronovirus situation.

The police are aware of this supportive system. Volunteers will be teamed with adults and will keep in contact them via telephone during this time.

Anyone offering help to at-risk neighbors needs to use the above service so that we have a coordinated approach.

If you require any further help or details on the above then please call one of the below contacts:

Rev Pete Watson Tel:  01757 704 707

Rev Christine Gillespie Tel:  01977 682 695


Please don’t forget the simple rules which can make such a difference – Make sure you’re washing your hands regularly and maintaining a personal separation of 2 metres to minimize the risk to your community. If you’ve had any flu-like symptoms, then the most helpful thing you can do for your at-risk neighbors is to self-isolate, rather than risk passing on your infection.