• January 13, 2020
  • 19:00
  • St Francis Church, Fox Lane

Dear Member of the Public
You are Invited to attend the Meeting of Thorpe Willoughby Parish Council, to be held on Monday,
13 January 2020 at 7.00pm in St Francis Church, Fox Lane, Thorpe Willoughby, Selby.


19/123 To receive apologies for absence and any declarations of interest
19/124 Public Session
19/125 To confirm the minutes of Part I of the Parish Council Meeting held on 9 December 2019 as a true and correct record, and to be signed by the Chairman.
19/126 To receive items for discussion and decide further action where necessary:
126.1 To discuss and decide if to move the 13 April 2020 Parish Council meeting back 1 week to the 20 April 2020 because the 13 April 2020 falls on Easter Bank Holiday, and decide any further action.
126.2 To discuss the 2019 Xmas Illuminations and any problems encountered, to discuss and decide if any changes are needed for 2020, and decide any further action.
126.3 To discuss and adopt a few amended Parish Council Policy Documents, and to have them signed by the Chairman and Clerk, and decide any further action.
126.4 To discuss merging the Part I and Part II of a Parish Council meeting into one agenda and one set of minutes, to decide if to commence the new format for the February 2020 meeting, and decide any further action.
19/127 To Receive Items for Information:
127.1 To receive update information on NYCC agreement to locate VAS equipment at 5 locations in the village and the purchase of VAS, and decide any further action.
127.2 To receive and to consider any findings/recommendations of the TW News Review Group, to receive update information from the Clerk on outstanding payments for TW News adverts, and decide any further action.
127.3 To receive update information on works to birds-mouth fencing at 3 locations near the village green and installation of a park bench, and decide any further action.
127.4 To receive update information on planting works on the village green and using extra village handymen, and decide any further action.
19/128 Planning
128.1 To receive updates on any existing planning applications/information: NONE
128.2 To consider and decide if comments are required for the following new planning
application(s) received and any that appear after the agenda is distributed:
128.2.1 2019/1235/HPA Proposed erection of a metal bow-top fence around the front and
side boundary with pedestrian access gate at 4 Sherwood Drive, Thorpe
19/129 Financial Matters
129.1 To approve a list of payments made or to be made.
129.2 To receive an account status.
19/130 To consider the following new correspondence received since the last meeting, and decide action where necessary
19/131 To receive representative reports
19/132 To receive the Clerk’s report
19/133 To receive agenda items for next meeting
19/134 To receive any further comments from the public [for information only; Clerk to note]
19/135 To confirm the date of the next meeting as MONDAY 10 FEBRUARY 2020
19/136 Close of this part of the meeting

S M Peters (CLERK)