We have recently had a number of complaints of vehicles speeding whilst driving through the village.

At higher speeds, there is less time to identify and react to what is happening, it takes longer to stop and impacts are more severe, causing more serious injuries to vehicle occupants and others.

The Parish Council can confirm that if you have concerns over speeding traffic then please use the “95 Alive” form to inform North Yorkshire County Council (NYCC) of your concerns.  This form can either be filled in online using the NYCC website or  you can download it from the link below:

Link To website: – https://www.northyorks.gov.uk/95-alive

Download Form Here: – SpeedConcernReport-BlankComplaint FormV6-95 Alive

Once you have completed your form you can either post it or email it at the addresses shown below…

Post to: North Yorkshire Police, Traffic Bureau, PO Box809 York YO31 6DG

or email to speedconcerns@northyorkshire.pnn.police.uk

You will receive an acknowledgement.

Top Ten Tips To Avoid Speeding

Many drivers unintentionally exceed the speed limit, often without realising it. Modern cars are so powerful and comfortable they give drivers little sensation of their speed. It is too easy to creep above the limit, and in particular, many drivers seem to believe it is difficult to drive a modern car at less than 30 mph. There are simple and practical things drivers who find it difficult to stay with speed limits can do to help themselves.

1. Check your speedometer regularly, especially when leaving high speed roads
2. Know the limits – look for signs, especially at junctions
3. Assume lamp posts mean 30 mph, until signs say otherwise, but remember many local roads now have 20 mph limits
4. Remember, speed limits are a maximum, not a target
5. 20’s plenty when kids are about – and may even be too fast
6. Try no higher than 3rd gear in a 30 mph limit
7. Recognise what makes you speed – keeping up with traffic, overtaking or being tailgated
8. Concentrate – distracted drivers speed
9. Slow down when entering villages
10. Give yourself time – there’s no need to speed and you won’t get there quicker