Protect What’s Yours

Give the Police a chance to return recovered stolen property to it’s rightful owner. Contact your Neighbourhood Policing Team on 101 to get your property marked with a unique code.

It Could Happen To You

Identity Theft/Fraud. Offenders, pretending to be delivering leaflets, have intercepted mail from external/insecure letter boxes to obtain householder’s personal details and apply for credit cards. When the card is delivered it is intercepted and used to commit Theft/Fraud. Be vigilant and report any suspicious activity.

Burglary Other Building

Heck Lane, Selby, August 15. Orange coloured ride on mower reg no: DX 09 HJK and IFA Williams trailer. Any info call 101; job no: 12180152250.

Criminal Damage

Burn Airfield on August 11. Unknown vehicle deliberately driven onto farm equipment and irrigation piping. Any info call 101; job no: 11082018 – 0166.

Burglary Dwelling

Hillam Road, Gateforth, August 8. iPads and pressure washer stolen. Any info call 101; job no: 12180146725.