As you may be aware Selby District Council have launched a consultation over potential significant changes to dry recycling collections (cans, paper, glass, plastics, card etc) in the district.

The consultation will look at whether residents want to keep the current recycling box collections or move to wheelie bin collections; with either one bin for paper /cardboard and another for glass, tins and plastic together or a single bin for all materials.

A media release has been issued today and the consultation will be promoted via our website and social media pages.  We are informing all District Councillors as well as Parish and Town Councils and would encourage you to share the link so we can gather as much feedback as we can about what residents think about changing the recycling service and how it could change the way they recycle.  Paper copies will be available at the Customer Contact Centre or on request.

More information and the full consultation is available on line at the link below.  The consultation will run until 26 June.  Once the results of the consultation have been analysed they will feed in to a report to the Executive in September where they will make a decision on the future service.  Any changes will come into effect from April 2020.

Should you require any further information please let me know.


Keith Cadman

Head of Commissioning, Contracts & Procurement