Recycling Sorted

Selby District Council (SDC) are changing the way it collects recycling materials from the kerbside. The boxes, used at present, are being replaced by Wheelie Bins. By the time you read this article you will have or shortly have delivered a Blue and Brown wheelie bin.  These are NOT to be used until the service starts.

The Blue Bin is for Cans, Plastic and Bottles and the Brown Bin is for Paper and Cardboard.

This is how the service will work:-

The service will start at the beginning of April 2020 and every household will have full details of the service and a new calendar delivered to them prior to the start.

Once the new service has started you will have a choice of either keeping the old boxes or take them to a collection point, for recycling, at the village hall, full details will be in the communication from SDC.

Details of the service can be found at:-

Chris Pearson, District and Parish Councillor