Cllr Lawton and I had a busy day judging the whole of Thorpe Willoughby for our gardening Competition 2021.  The categories were Best Hanging Basket, Best Front Garden and Best Flower Pots.  No street was left out.  There were many contenders but, in our view, the chosen ones were the very best.  I’m sure you will agree these are all deserved winners.

Sarah Lawton (Thorpe Willoughby Parish Clerk & Finance Officer)

Best Hanging Basket – Malcolm & Susan West of Holly Grove. They have two beautiful hanging baskets at the front of their house.  They are a labour of love; Malcolm tends to them daily and feeds them once a week.  Fairly new to the village, the couple are enjoying village life and were thrilled to accept the title of Best Hanging Basket.

Best Front Garden – Richard & Linda Goodliffe of Holly Grove. This front garden stood out from the others we had seen.  It was beautifully presented with freshly cut lawn, pots, beds with bedding plants and two fantastic hanging baskets.

Best Flower Pots – John and Margaret Wood of Sandway Avenue. We were spoilt for choice at this house.  Pots all along the front and down the side of their house with beautiful lilies, fuchsia, lavenders and Hydrangea.  A hobby for the couple now retired who enjoy gardening very much.