We are please to announce the following winners of the Thorpe Willoughby Parish Council GARDENING COMPETITION 2020!

For: BEST HANGING BASKETS 2020 goes to Mr & Mrs Storey 15 Cedar Close (Jessie Julia Thornton Cup)









For: BEST TUBS 2020 goes to Mr & Mrs Woodhouse 1 Cedar Close (The Tony Dudley Cup)









For: BEST FRONT GARDEN 2020 goes to Mr Vinci & Mrs Grayson 73 Privet Drive (The shield)








All winners received a certificate to keep and they will hold the cup or shield for one year. I am sure you will all agree these are well worthy winners for 2020 – well done all and keep up the good work.

Our thanks to members of the Parish Council who spent time looking around our village at the many gardens, pots and baskets and doing the final judging.