Important – For Village Hall bookings Tel: 07979 815967


The hall committee thank all of the regular users for their continued use of the hall during the year.

General House Keeping When Using The Hall

Just a quick reminder, we kindly ask regular users, please DO NOT drag chairs across the surface but use the chair trolley to move them about the hall. There are also 6 large light weight tables that can easily be moved around the hall without dragging them across the surface.

Willoughby Players

Willoughby Jr Players presents – A Night at the Musicals:-Blazin Saddles

Fancy a night out in the village hall listening to good music and joining in the dancing? Blazin Saddles meet on the first Saturday night in the month, no previous dancing experience needed so why not give it a try?

July Events in the hall

Apart from the usual weekly regular bookings  we have:

Monday 1st – Rock Choir (10:00am), Yoga (6:00pm), Badminton (7:00pm)

Tuesday 2nd – Beavers (5:15pm), Scouts (6:15pm)

Wednesday 3rd – Guides (7:00pm)

Thursday 4th – Dog Training (6:30pm)

Friday 5th – Toddler Group (9:30am), Rainbows & Brownies (6:00pm)

Saturday 6th – Scouts 40th Anniversary Celebration, Blazin Sadles (7:30pm)

Sunday 7th – Private Party (2:00pm-5:00pm)

Monday 8th – Rock Choir (10:00am), Yoga (6:00pm), Badminton (7:00pm)

Tuesday 9th – Beavers (5:15pm), Scouts (6:15pm)

Wednesday 10th – Guides (7:00pm)

Thursday 11th – Dog Training (6:30pm)

Friday 12th – Toddler Group (9:30am), Rainbows & Brownies (6:00pm)

Saturday 13th – Dog Show (10:00am)

Monday 15th – Yoga (6:00pm), Badminton (7:00pm)

Tuesday 16th – Beavers (5:15pm), Scouts (6:15pm)

Wednesday 17th – Guides (7:00pm)

Friday 19th – Start of School Holidays

Sunday 21st – Private Party (9:30am)

Monday 22nd – Yoga (5:00pm), Badminton (7:00pm)

Thursday 25th – Dog Training (6:30pm)

Sunday 28th –  Yorkshire Collies dog club (10:00am)

Monday 29th – Yoga (6:00pm), Badminton (7:00pm)

August Events in the hall

During August the uniformed organisations will not be meeting and neither will Rock Choir & Toddler group but other regular hirers will continue to meet on their respective days.

Saturday 3rd – Blazin Sadles (7:30pm)

Tuesday 6th – First Aid Training (6:30pm)

Tuesday 27th – First Aid Training (6:30pm)

Saturday 31st – Private Party (6:00pm)

September Events in the hall

Uniform groups generally meet again the week after school starts again, this would be w/c September 9th for uniform groups

Apart from the usual weekly regular bookings  we have:

Sunday 1st – Willoughby Junior Players rehearsal (5:00pm – 7:00pm)

Saturday 7th – Blazin Saddles (7:30pm)

Monday 8th – Dog show (Collies) (10:00am), Willoughby Junior Players rehearsal (5:00 – 7:00pm)

Sunday 15th Willoughby Junior Players rehearsal (5:00pm – 7:00pm)

Monday 16th – Rock Choir new term starts 10.30am

Sunday 22nd – Dog show (Staffordshire terriers) (10:00am)

Monday 23rd – Rock Choir – (10.30am)

Tuesday 24th – Exercise class for mums & babies 10am **

Sunday 29th – Dog show (Belgian Shepherds dogs) (10:00am), Willoughby Junior Players

Monday 30th – Rock Choir – (10.30am)

** This is a one off booking to test interest, for further details go to (or just attend the session!!)


We are now taking bookings into the year 2020! – to book the hall for your own celebrations please ring 07979 815967.

Chairman of the Village Hall Management Committee is David Gaygan who can be reached on 01757 705535 or email:

Village Hall Address:

Leeds Road
Thorpe Willoughby