Over the next few days you will be getting a copy of the New Look Thorpe Willoughby News magazine popping through your letter box.

The team behind the magazine has recently changed and that sparked an opportunity for a fresh start. We are very pleased and excited with the new look and feel and hope you are too!

Not only has the front cover been replaced with a simple and varying theme but so has the contents and layout. The magazine will now be publish bi-monthly with this first new edition covering the months of February and March. Each edition will sport a different cover photo reflecting seasons and major events. As you will see, the first themed cover depicts bluebells in springtime profusion at Brayton Barff. Readers are invited to submit their pictures to the editor to help build a photo gallery. The published photos will be judged by the team and the winner will receive a prize!

The magazine now has a full calendar section to cover all events for the Village Hall and St Francis Church over the two month period, so why not took a look and see whats on – you never know, you may want to try something new this year?

The aim is to continue to build the community spirit through the periodical by making it more inclusive and encouraging people to share their views and stories with others in the village. So if you have any pictures or past events, stories you think others would like to hear then please get in touch with the editor at edtwnews@gmail.com

For all advertising matters, contact Alison Nixon at ali@henwickhall.co.uk

We hope you enjoy your new look magazine and look forward to hearing from you soon – the magazine team…..

There’s More…. We have also made it possible to view the entire magazine on this website which includes the ability to download a full copy and print a copy directly from the website. Going forward, you will be able to catch up on any past editions as we will make them available on the website – just in case you misplaced your letter box copy. You will find a new item on the Main Menu called Monthly Magazines or click here monthly-magazines-2019