Housed in a locked and heated cabinet on the wall facing the car park, it is available for emergency use throughout the village.

The defibrillator has been registered with the Ambulance Service and access is gained by dialling 999 and requesting the Ambulance Service. When you have described the situation they will direct you to the cabinet and give you the access code in order for you to open the cabinet and take the machine, if they feel that it is required.

The defibrillator is a state of the art ZOLL AED Plus which will give you instructions and only shock if it determines that a shock is required. If the machine determines that CPR (CardioPulmonary Resuscitation) is required it will coach you through the whole process, telling you to push harder if required for example.

This asset for the village has been funded by The Football Foundation, West Selby Miners Welfare Scheme, Thorpe Willoughby Sports Association, Thorpe United Association Football Club, Thorpe Willoughby Cricket Club and Selby Hockey Club.