• March 11, 2019
  • 19:00
  • St Francis Church, Fox Lane

Dear Member of the Public
You are invited to attend a Meeting of Thorpe Willoughby Parish Council, to be held on Monday, 11 March 2019 at 7.00pm in St Francis Church, Fox Lane, Thorpe Willoughby, Selby.



18/153 To receive apologies for absence and any declarations of interest

18/154 Public Session

18/155 To confirm the minutes of the meeting held on 11 February 2019 as a true and correct record.

18/156 To receive items for discussion and decide further action where necessary: 156.1 To discuss and decide on quotes to provide a small plaque in memory of a former parish councillor who died recently and if to attach it to the playground fence, and decide any further action. 156.2 To discuss concerns raised by the Clerk over procedures used for the TW News and the Review group and to clarify how minute 18/126.1 (of the 14 January meeting) should be interpreted, how complaints and other Parish Council information is handled, and decide any further action. 156.3 To discuss and decide on recommendations received from the “TW News Review Group” meeting held on 5 March 2019 (previously circulated), and to discuss new information for the Parish Council’s “Thorpe Willoughby News”/Website, and decide any further action. 156.4 To discuss and decide on a Quote received from the contractor to amend or enhance the Xmas Illuminations for 2019 along Fox Lane, and decide any further action. 156.5 To discuss and decide on a date to hold a Parish Council site meeting at the “Linden Way Play Area” to consider improvements and quotes received, and decide any further action. 156.6 To discuss and decide if the regime of leaving the playground gates open all the time is to continue for 2019, and decide any further action. 156.7 To discuss concerns by residents over parked vehicles along Fox Lane near ‘The Fox’ car park, and decide any further action. 156.8 To discuss the unauthorised trimming of part of the conifer hedge along Leeds Rd (owned by the Parish Council), and decide any further action. 156.9 To discuss a concern raised by a resident over Nuisance/Damage by footballs from the playing fields, and decide any further action.

18/157 To Receive Items for Information: 157.1 To receive feedback information from a councillor on the free 1st Aid Awareness Training from Yorkshire Ambulance Service, and decide any further action.

157.2 To receive an update on the progress of the O.S.R.G., to discuss replacements for the felled diseased & dying cherry tree on the village green, and decide any further action. 157.3 To receive update information from a Councillor regarding contact with a resident over choosing up to 3 options for providing external funding for drop pavements for wheelchair users, to decide if to pay £300 towards achieving 3 drop pavements, and decide any further action.

18/158 Planning 158.1 To receive updates on any existing planning applications/information: 158.1.1 2019/0003/HPA Proposed erection of side extension, providing a rear utility room and two bedrooms over the garage and utility at 29 Oak Drive, Thorpe Willoughby – GRANTED.

158.2 To consider and decide if comments are required for the following new planning application(s) received and any that appear after the agenda is distributed: 158.2.1 2019/0180/HPA Proposed 2-storey side extension over existing garage at 5 Laburnum Close, Thorpe Willoughby

18/159 Financial Matters 159.1 To approve a list of payments made or to be made. 159.2 To receive an account status.

18/160 To consider the following new correspondence received since the last meeting, and decide action where necessary

18/161 To receive representative reports

18/162 To receive the Clerk’s report

18/163 To receive agenda items for next meeting

18/164 To receive any further comments from the public [for information only; Clerk to note]

18/165 To confirm the date of the next meeting as MONDAY 8 APRIL 2019 18/166 Close of meeting