• June 10, 2019
  • 19:00
  • St Francis Church, Fox Lane


Dear member of the public
You are invited to attend the Meeting of Thorpe Willoughby Parish Council, to be held on Monday, 10 June
2019 at 7.00pm in St Francis Church, Fox Lane, Thorpe Willoughby, Selby.

• Please note: Press and public may not speak when the council is in session.
• Any parishioner (listener) is entitled to attend this meeting and raise any concerns or questions they may
have with the Parish Council.
• These concerns or questions must be in writing, emailed or telephoned to the Clerk prior to the
Meeting, otherwise only accepted at the Chairman’s discretion.
• Listeners’ comments will be taken at agenda item “Public Session”.
• Comments relating to matters on the agenda will be taken first and the time for this will be restricted.
• Listeners may also speak at the end of the meeting for information only.
• Decisions cannot be made at this meeting on items not on the agenda, except in exceptional circumstances
and again at the Chairman’s discretion.
(Approved at Min.29(b) of 18/06/12 Mtg.)


19/17 To receive apologies for absence and any declarations of interest
19/18 Public Session
19/19 To confirm the minutes of the Annual Parish Council Meeting held on 13 May 2019 as a true and
correct record, and to be signed by the Chairman.
19/20 To receive items for discussion and decide further action where necessary:
20.1 To discuss the received written applications for the TWO Parish Councillor vacancies for cooption, and following interviews decide who to appoint, and decide any further action.
20.2 To discuss a letter received from Thorpe Utd FC regarding footballs over fences, request for
PC assistance, and decide any further action.
20.3 To discuss a possible footpath extension from the “Woodland Walk” (N.Side) to the path that
runs from the village green playground to Leeds Road, and decide any further action.
20.4 To discuss payments for the TW News, and decide any further action.
19/21 To Receive Items for Information:
21.1 To receive update information on the council’s insurance renewal, and decide any further
21.2 To receive update information on a Vehicle Activation Sign (VAS), and decide any further
21.3 To receive update information on a playground inspections training course attended by the
Clerk and a councillor, the receipt of the Annual Playground inspection reports, and decide
any further action.
21.4 To receive information from YLCA on: new Councillor training courses, existing councillors
refresher courses, and attendance at YLCA branch meetings, and decide any further action.
21.5 To receive update information from the OSRG, the installation of planters at the
“Community Garden”, tree planting on the village green, and decide any further action.
21.6 To receive update information on the Gardening Competition 2019, and decide any further
21.7 To receive update information on the Villager of the Year 2019 competition, and decide any
further action.
21.8 To receive update information on the TW News, to decide if to include one extra A4 sheet
(giving 4 extra A5 pages), and decide any further action.
19/22 Planning
22.1 To receive updates on any existing planning applications/information: NONE

22.2 To consider and decide if comments are required for the following new planning
application(s) received and any that appear after the agenda is distributed:
22.2.1 2019/0466/LBC Listed building consent for proposed erection of a single storey
timber clad building at Pheasant Barn, 4 Barff Farm, Thorpe Willoughby.
22.2.2 2019/0504/HPA Proposed 2-storey rear extension at 6 Meadow Drive, Thorpe
19/23 Financial Matters
23.1 To approve a list of payments made or to be made.
23.2 To receive an account status.
19/24 To consider the following new correspondence received since the last meeting, and decide action
where necessary
19/25 To receive representative reports
19/26 To receive the Clerk’s report
19/27 To receive agenda items for next meeting
19/28 To receive any further comments from the public [for information only; Clerk to note]
19/29 To confirm the date of the next meeting as MONDAY 8 JULY 2019

19/30 Close of meeting
S M Peters (CLERK)