• January 14, 2019
  • 19:00

Dear Members of the Public
You are Invited to attend a Meeting of Thorpe Willoughby Parish Council, to be held on Monday, 14 January 2019 at 7.00pm in St Francis Church, Fox Lane, Thorpe Willoughby, Selby.

• Please note: Press and public may not speak when the council is in session. • Any parishioner (listener) is entitled to attend this meeting and raise any concerns or questions they may have with the Parish Council. • These concerns or questions must be in writing, emailed or telephoned to the Clerk prior to the Meeting, otherwise only accepted at the Chairman’s discretion. • Listeners’ comments will be taken at agenda item “Public Session”. • Comments relating to matters on the agenda will be taken first and the time for this will be restricted. • Listeners may also speak at the end of the meeting for information only. • Decisions cannot be made at this meeting on items not on the agenda, except in exceptional circumstances and again at the Chairman’s discretion. (Approved at Min.29(b) of 18/06/12 Mtg.)


18/123 To receive apologies for absence and any declarations of interest

18/124 Public Session

18/125 To confirm the minutes of the meeting held on 10 December 2018 as a true and correct record.

18/126 To receive items for discussion and decide further action where necessary: 126.1 To discuss recommendations received from the “Monthly News Review Group” meeting held on 8 January 2019, and new information for the Monthly News/Website, and acknowledge the former editor, and decide any further action. 126.2 To discuss and decide on Quotes received from the contractor to amend or enhance the Xmas Illuminations for 2019 along either Leeds Road or Fox Lane, and decide any further action. 126.3 To discuss and decide if to provide a small plaque in memory of a former parish councillor who died recently and if attach it to the playground fence, and decide any further action.

18/127 To Receive Items for Information: 127.1 To receive feedback information from a councillor on the free 1st Aid Awareness Training from Yorkshire Ambulance Service, and decide any further action. 127.2 To receive update information on the provision of 4 x plastic planters for the “Community Garden” area, and decide any further action. 127.3 To receive an update on the progress of the O.S.R.G., and decide any further action. 127.4 To receive a completed “Register of Interest” form and a SDC form from the newly co-opted parish councillor, and decide any further action. 127.5 To receive update information on CCTV improvements and close proximity of the flagpole to the memorial stones, and decide any further action.

18/128 Planning 128.1 To receive updates on any existing planning applications/information: 128.1.1 2018/1244/TPO Application to crown thin by 30%, crown lift by 6.5m and crown reduction to leave a spread of 8m and a final height of 18m to 1 no Sweet Chestnut covered by TPO 1/1975 on verge adjacent to 70 Field Lane, Thorpe Willoughby – GRANTED
TWPC/Agendas 14.01.19

128.1.2 2018/1238/HPA Retrospective application for extension at 3 Londesborough Grove, Thorpe Willoughby – GRANTED

128.1.3 2018/1226/HPA Proposed extensions at 6 Meadow Drive, Thorpe Willoughby – GRANTED

128.2 To consider and decide if comments are required for the following new planning application(s) received and any that appear after the agenda is distributed: 128.2.1 2019/0003/HPA Proposed erection side extension, providing a rear utility room and two bedrooms over the garage and utility at 29 Oak Drive, Thorpe Willoughby.

18/129 Financial Matters 129.1 To approve a list of payments made or to be made. 129.2 To receive an account status.

18/130 To consider the following new correspondence received since the last meeting, and decide action where necessary

18/131 To receive representative reports

18/132 To receive the Clerk’s report

18/133 To receive agenda items for next meeting

18/134 To receive any further comments from the public [for information only; Clerk to note]

18/135 To confirm the date of the next meeting as MONDAY 11 FEBRUARY 2019 18/136 Close of meeting

S M Peters (CLERK)