The Parish Council is aware of the National Drive towards a greener economy and net zero emissions by 2050. The 10-point plan is on its way and some results are expected as early as 2030. It is proper that as a responsible Parish Council we support the national initiative. We want all households of Thorpe Willoughby to take part in a survey to see if the residents would like to:

  •  (A) Read TW News magazine digitally on the website
  • or (B) wish to continue having TW News magazine delivered as a hard copy.

You will find details of this in the October/December edition of the magazine together with a reply slip to vote on your preference.

This can then be sent to: The Editor, Thorpe Willoughby News, 26 Fox Lane

or you can email / text your preference to:
Email:       Text to 07484 62872